Insight II

3       Basic Applications

Insight II is accompanied by a set of tutorials demonstrating how to use its basic features. The set of Insight II tutorials are organized as applications, showing how to use Insight II to solve problems of structure determination or ligand-receptor binding. Only the basic tutorials for Insight II are included here. Tutorials for other Biosym products are described in the accompanying documentation for those products.

Pilot Online Tutorials

As of this release, most tutorials are available online for use with the Pilot interface. To access the online tutorials, click the mortarboard icon in the Insight interface.


Figure 13 . The Pilot Button


Choose "Select this to see a list of the available online tutorials" from the list that appears (it will take a few moments). Choose "Insight II tutorials" from the next list which appears, then select the desired tutorial. The Pilot window displays a narration for an Insight II session and automatically executes Insight II commands at each step of the narration. To proceed to the next step of the tutorial, press the forward button.


Figure 14 . The Forward Button


Pilot then displays the narration for the next step in the tutorial. Note that with Pilot, the commands are executed for you automatically at each step. You can use Insight II while reviewing a Pilot script, however. In this way you can experiment with the commands that are being demonstrated.

Choosing a Tutorial

From the Open Tutorial window, select Insight II tutorials (and, if necessary, the module) and choose from the list of available lessons.

Application 1 Getting Started with Insight II

Application 2 Building Molecules (HARDCOPY ONLY; see Sketcher, page 6-133)

Application 3 Docking 2 Molecules

Application 4 Superimposition

Application 5 Molecular Orbital Calculations

Application 6 Importing Structures

Application 7 Exporting & Printing Graphics from Insight II

Application 8 Conformational Search by Torsion Driving

Application 9 Conformational Search Using Molecular Mechanics

Application 10 Restrained Molecular Dynamics

Application 11 Cluster Analysis of a Dynamics Simulation

Application 12 Template Forcing

You can access the Open Tutorial window at any time by clicking the Open File button in the lower left corner of the Pilot window.

For a more complete description of Pilot and its use, click the on-screen help button in the Pilot interface or refer to the Introduction to Insight II chapter in the Insight II manual.

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